Landscape Design Renderings/South Arkansas 2011 - Oxley Art's photo-illustration renderings took a predictable direction in 2011 when approached to do a set of images depicting, a yet to be realized, landscape design for a south Arkansas home. We'd done some architecture photo-illustration renderings where the landscape was secondary to the structure. This would the opposite, even though there would be some modifications and some finishing out of the residence.

Starting with the rear, lake side part of the property, the landscaper (client) provided some simple digital photography of the lot and basic instruction initially with some tweaking here and there with the details. As with similar projects, we sampled everything from rocks, rock masonry, aggregate, grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. to come up with a virtual "Shangri-La" of a backyard!

The front of the residence worked out essentially the same way... creating intersecting driveways, walkways, dry washes, rock walled terraces, all working within the existing topography of the property.