Essick Air Home Comfort Trade Ad 2006 - This ad was the first print ad under the Essick Air Home Comfort brand (the line of home humidifiers & air purifiers was acquired from Bemis). The primary idea was to present home comfort products as a way to compensate for the weather extremes associated with Global Warming, presently a very "hot" topic. The secondary idea was to position the client as the maker of premium home comfort products, the best way to positively affect the environment in your home. The concept, initial copy, layout and photo/illustration was Oxley Art's. The copy was minimally edited by the client. The photo illustration was made up of two parts, 1.) the hectic weather background which was a collage of several different stock images, and 2.) the male figure in the recliner... which was originally a stock image of a person in a hotel room chair with his legs on a bed. After creating the indications of a recliner we added one of the new humidifier models next to him. The footer image was lifted from the Bemis by Essick Air 2005 catalog we had just done with the additions of three new models for 06. The Essick Air Home Comfort logo oval which was produced by OA was designed by the client utilizing the previous Essick Air logo designed by Oxley Art in the late 80's and updated in the late 90's. The ad was published in a HVAC industry trade magazine.