Cosmo Creek wine label 2010 - Probably, per square inch, the most "tricked-out" print project Oxley Art has ever been involved with. An upscale, international label printer, CosmoGraphics, Inc., developed the idea of "Cosmo Creek" wine labels as a promotional item that they could showcase the many printing techniques they offer for wine labeling.

The printer wanted something that looked organic. Of course with the name came all kinds of visual ideas based on metaphysics... how individual elemental forces (the organic part) come together to create the perfect whole (the cosmic/Cosmo part). The effect that an entity has on the world (the printer/water ripples) affects the entire cosmos (the planetary system drawn in the sand). The concepts just kept coming! On the back label we verbalized the visual concept :

"On the banks of Cosmo Creek, the insight of man works harmoniously with miracles of nature, producing a synergy of desire and fulfillment.  The forces at work here run deep and influence all aspects of one's psyche..."

The two piece die-cut front label is made up of silver foil stamped image on a black printed adhesive for the top part, and silver foil embossed, sculptured texture embossed, debossed, spot gloss varnish, spot pearlescent varnish, clear silkscreened applique and four color process on a white label stock... whew!