Arkansas Historic Preservation Program Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation State Income Tax Credit Program booklet 2010 - The latest edition to the series of publications Oxley Art Graphic Design has designed for AHPP to visually relate to their website. This booklet was design to be a companion piece to the Federal Tax Credit booklet created in 2007. To illustrate how we achieved, for instance, the cover art, we utilized client supplied photos of a local bed & breakfast, Victorian Era structure (which we added a main portico), and incorporated images of workmen, tools and scaffolding. Once we had our composite we created the puzzle pieces and filtered it through an imaging software to create the photo-illustration look. It's actually a fairly common way to create digital illustrations, it just takes a bit of an artist touch to make it really work.

You can view the entire booklet in PDF form of the AHP State Tax Credit Booklet on the website. Other publications created by oxley Art that are currently on the aforementioned website are:

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